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Niall and Liam want to have a baby and Louis offers to be a surrogate for them as he can have babies but Zayn (Louis’ boyfriend) isn’t happy about it because he had been asking Louis if they could have another kid but Louis said he wasn’t ready yet. Zayn leaves him and Louis has to go through this on his own but a happy ending please! (sorry for the long and angsty prompt!)

  Wow! This turned out longer than expected…

Niall and Liam were fed up, the huge red letters of REJECTED was stuck in their minds. The adoption agency were homophobic so they obviously weren’t going to hand over a child to a gay couple…they were starting to lose hope of starting a family. As they were curled up together, Liam’s hand occasionally wiping away the tears which were falling from Niall’s eyes, the door clicked open and in walked Harry, Louis and Zayn with sympathy written all over their faces.

“I’m really sorry guys” Harry sighed as he reached over to hug them both. They all knew how much the two of them wanted a child.

“I guess it’s fate…someone up there doesn’t want us to become dads” Niall sniffed which made Liam wrap his arms around Niall even tighter.

“No…” Louis softly piped up as he took a deep breath as if he was getting ready to tell everyone his idea “You all know that I’m able to get pregnant so I’d be glad to become a surrogate for you”

“Y-You would do that for us?” Liam gasped, looking at Louis with wide eyes.

“Of course I would, you’re like my brothers , although I don’t want to think of it like that if I’m carrying your baby…but anyway, I’d do anything for you”

Louis suddenly felt two pairs of arms wrap around him so tightly that he thought he was going to suffocate.

“Hey! If you want this baby then you better not kill be by suffocating me!” Louis laughed but he still hugged them both back, the feeling of happiness filling up his body as he realised how happy and excited he had made Liam and Niall feel. Although as Louis looked up to smile at his boyfriend Zayn, he only got a cold look in return…what had he done?


“Could you have been any more impolite to them?! They are so grateful for what we are doing for them and you are treating them like dirt!” Louis shouted as they returned home.

“Maybe the fact that you told me that you weren’t ready to have kids of our own but then you waste your first pregnancy on them! Go and tell them that you aren’t doing it, it isn’t fair” Zayn screamed back and Louis wouldn’t be surprised if steam started to come out of his ears.

“You saw how happy they were! I’m not going to destroy that” Louis shot back determinately.

“I’m glad you’ve got your priorities right then…you care more about having their baby than our relationship, they’re just using your body and if you can’t see that…then I guess we’re over”

“Z-Zayn…don’t do this to me” Louis whimpered, all the anger quickly turning into sadness.

“I gave you a choice and you clearly chose them over me, so have a nice life Louis Tomlinson although I doubt you’re going to enjoy it if you’re going through all that pain for 9 months for nothing” Zayn just shook his head before storming up to their room, stuffing all his clothes into a bag and without another word he was gone.


“Are you sure you want to do this? I mean if you want to back down t-then we would understand” Liam told Louis gently as they pulled up to the clinic.

“No, I’m sure. Zayn’s gone so I have nothing to lose now” Louis replied sadly but quickly regained himself as they walked into the clinic.


The morning sickness quickly kicked in, which was absolutely awful. Every morning he was racing out of his warm bed, trying not to trip over his own feet as he desperately tried to make it to the toilet in time. So it usually ended up that Louis wouldn’t be able to keep anything down in the mornings which Niall and Liam were extremely concerned about.

One day, Louis was curled up on Liam’s and Niall’s sofa (he had moved into theirs after he felt to lonely in his and Zayn’s old apartment and the couple wanted to keep an eye on Louis anyway) when Harry and Zayn came in, soon spotting the pale and tired looking Louis on the sofa next to Niall while Liam was making him a cup of tea.

“How you feeling Lou?” Harry questioned, his head cocked to the side as he looked sympathetic towards him.

“Honestly? I feel terrible” Louis croaked “But it’ll be worth it” Louis shot a small smile to Niall before glancing back to Zayn who had shoved his hands into his pockets and quickly averted his gaze to the ground after looking at Louis with…concern?

The truth was, Zayn missed Louis so muchhe wanted to be the one nursing Louis while he didn’t feel well or he wanted to be the one who gave him comforting cuddles…he simply just missed him.


At 19 weeks, Louis felt the first kick although at first he ignored the small flutters after he shrugged them off for gas (because that had been a real problem recently!) but then he felt a definite soft kick…

“Liam! Niall!” Louis shouted as his hands roamed his bump, praying that it kicked again.

“What?! Is it the baby?!” Niall questioned, worry flashing in his eyes.

“Yeah…its kicking” Louis grinned, taking both of their hands and leading them towards the spot where the kick was and it wasn’t long before they felt the small thump against their hand.

“T-That’s our child Ni” Liam gasped, squeezing Niall’s hand “I know we’ve said it loads of times before but thank you Lou”

“And I’ve said this to you so many times, you would to the same for me if you could”


It was time. Louis felt like he had been pushing and pushing for hours now and he wanted to slap this midwife who kept on ordering him to push more. Niall and Liam kept on squeezing his hands and Harry was stoking back his hair, whispering how good he was doing but there was one person missing. One person who Louis just wanted to walk through that door. One person who Louis wanted to hold his hand and whisper reassuring words. That one person was called Zayn.

Suddenly cries filled the room as Louis threw back his head in relief, panting deeply.

“You have a beautiful daughter” The midwife announced, walking over to Louis’ side with the tiny baby in her arms to show Louis. She was beautiful, the brightest blue eyes and little tufts of dark hair, she pulled on his heartstrings and he had to ignore the lump in his throat at the thought of giving her away. “We just need to take her away to weigh and measure her; can I have your details for the birth certificate please?”

“Ask those two, they’re the real fathers, I was just the carrier” Louis pointed to Liam and Niall who were close to jumping for joy. They finally had a baby.

The midwife nodded, leading Liam and Niall out the room which just left Louis and Harry.

“You okay?” Harry questioned, his eye brows furrowed up in concern.

“Just a bit tired and sore…d-do you mind if you give me a minute?” Louis requested carefully before adding with fake cheerfulness “You should go and see her anyway, that’s if Niall and Liam let you in”

Harry chuckled and nodded, pressed a soft kiss to Louis’ forehead before leaving the room too. Now that Louis was alone, he could finally curl up and cry.

He wasn’t sure how long he had been crying his eyes out but he felt strong arms wrap around his shaking body and when Louis opened his eyes, he saw all the familiar tattoos on the arms. Zayn.

“Sssh, stop crying Lou” Zayn climbed into the bed as he took Louis into his arms and rocked them both back and forth as if Louis was a little boy although right now he looked so innocent and small that he could easily pass for one.

“O-One of the m-midwives warned me that I’d get too a-attached…I wanted her Zayn…she had been in me for 9 months…I want to call her m-my little g-girl” Louis sobbed.

“Don’t worry…we’ll have our own children one day, that’s if you take me back? I’m so sorry Louis, I should have been there for you and I was so stupid”

Louis just nodded, not being able to get any words out with the continuous tears rolling down his cheeks as Zayn pressed kisses to Louis’ hair, trying to reassure him that everything would be alright and Louis knew that if he had Zayn and that promise of having their own children one day, then he would be able to get through it.

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