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Can you do a Harry-Centric Zianourry where they are filming a new music video and Harry has to jump off of something or on a trampoline and he lands wrong and hurts his foot so they all sit on the set of the music video for the rest of the day comforting him? Thanks!! Xx

“Right so I need you to do the trampoline scene, if Niall goes first then Louis, Liam, Zayn then lastly Harry” The director ordered, pointing to the huge trampoline which was set up for them.

Niall squealed in delight that he was first as he climbed onto the trampoline and started messing around on it. When everyone else had had a go, it was Harry’s turn and he had an amazing idea after he had saw the inflatable banana in the corner of his eye.

“Right Styles, your turn” The director shouted, gesturing for Harry to climb onto the trampoline. Everyone knew Harry was planning something as he brought the banana onto the trampoline and he did something no one expected…he put it between his legs and started to jump.

Even though it looked good, things didn’t go quite to plan…

The banana dropped out his legs when he was in mid-air so when he came back down, he tripped over it, sending him right over the edge of the trampoline and onto the hard ground.

“Harry!” Louis screamed as they all ran forward,  praying that their youngest boyfriend was okay.

Although it wasn’t looking good when Harry was wailing in pain, clutching his ankle as he rocked back and forth.

“Sssh, come here baby” Liam hushed as he brought Harry over to the haystacks which they were sitting on for an earlier shot in the video and sat him down, the boys surrounding him.

“Don’t worry Haz, we’ll go to the hospital and get it checked out” Zayn told him gently, trying to calm him down after he hissed in pain when a bag of ice was placed on it.

“N-No, not hospital” Harry whimpered, hiding his face in Louis’ shoulder as Liam continued to press the ice down.

The boys knew Harry hated hospitals and even the boy himself didn’t know what it was about them, it was probably just the idea of so many people had died there. And so many people heard the words that their loved ones were dying or even worse, dead.

“We’ll stay by you okay? We promise” Niall assured him as he ran his fingers through Harry’s curls to calm him down slightly.

Harry shuddered at the thought of going but his foot was in so much pain, he knew it was a must.


The boys kept their promise as they held Harry’s hands and were constantly trying to calm him down as the Doctor was prodding his ankle and moving it around. They hated seeing him in pain. Although at least it gave them an excuse to baby their Harry and also Harry would be confined to one space for most of the day which meant the boys had a permanent cuddling partner without him moving away to go and do something…


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