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Larry/Nosh/Ziam They decide to have kids so Harry calls Miley Cyrus, Josh calls Demi Lovato & Zayn calls Perrie to be their surrogate mothers. Harry, Zayn, Niall go out to eat with Demi, Miley & Perrie when suddenly the 3 gals water’s breaks. Louis, Liam, Josh are late at the hospital but they get there. Miley has twin girls, Demi has twin boys & Perrie has a girl & the boys taking pics of the babies and the mom’s <333

Hope you like it!

“I really want kids someday” Louis sighed as he leant his head on Harry’s shoulder.

“Yeah we’ve spoke about it a few times, I think we all want a proper family” Niall added as Zayn and Liam nodded in agreement, signalling that they had spoke about extending their family many times.

“We could do surrogate but it would have to be someone I trust” Zayn said, furrowing his eye brows.

“I think we should go ahead with this idea…I don’t want this to be something which will be forgotten in the morning. I’d actually love for all of us to have kids” Liam smiled, pecking Zayn’s forehead.

So that’s when they all started scrolling through their phones to see if any of their friends were willing to be their surrogate.  Miley Cyrus agreed straight away to be Harry’s and Louis’ as she knew she wasn’t ready for kids of her own but she would be happy to be their surrogate. Zayn and Liam called Perrie and she knew how great Zayn and Liam would be as dads so she was honoured that they asked her. Demi Lovato said yes too, jokingly claiming that she would do it as long as she was the baby’s favourite Aunty.


Everyone was so excited. They were all their for all the girls’ scans, their eyes becoming glassy every time they saw their baby on the screen and the sound of the heartbeat echoing around the room. Except they soon found out that Miley and Demi weren’t only carrying one baby, they were carrying two. That’s right, Harry,  Louis, Niall and Josh were fathers to twins.


It was nearing the due date and they had some last minute things to sort out so Harry, Zayn and Niall went out for dinner with the heavily pregnant girls while Liam, Louis and Josh went out and bought the last few finishing touches for the nurseries.


Although just as Louis was attempting to put the cot together, his phone started ringing  in his pocket. Harry.

“Hey Haz, it’s a bit of an awkward time because if I let go of this, it’s all going to collapse” Louis smirked as he held the phone between his ear and his shoulder.

“Louis! Their waters have broken! Get to the hospital right this instant!” Harry ordered frantically before hanging up with the sound of screaming in the backround.

Louis’ eyes widened as ran out the room and found Josh and Liam, quickly explaining that their babies were about to be born before they became a mess and were frantically trying to get to the hospital in time.


They skidded to a halt as they stopped outside the room, seeing their boyfriends each holding tiny bundles in their arms, the girls all asleep.

Harry and Louis had two twin girls, Niall and Josh had two twin boys and Zayn and Liam had a baby girl. There wasn’t even a sound in the room because the boys were utterly speechless at the sight of their babies in their arms. Everything was perfect.

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