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Anonymous asked: "Can you do a Lilo mpreg- A few years back Liam was pregs but lost their baby. Despite doctors saying he would never get preg again he finds out that hes pregnant and decides to surprise Louis on xmas eve for his birthday. Lots of fluff and romance xx"

You hear about people having miscarriages all the time, a person will probably be having one right now. But no one really knows the pain those people go through. Except Liam and Louis…

Last year Liam was one of these ‘rare’ males who could be pregnant and Liam and Louis couldn’t be more happier at that moment. Liam was 5 months along, they had finished the nursery, everyone was happy for them. Everyone was just happy overall.

That’s until…it happened.


Liam had just sent Louis out to get some more pickles (damn cravings!) when he felt the first pang of pain. Shrugging it off, Liam went to the garden to sit out in the sun while he was stroking his swollen tummy, not having at care in the world. He was smiling contently, daydreaming about his and Louis’ child when another pang of pain came shooting through his stomach, making him hunch over in pain.

“Louis” Liam called out weakly, just hoping Louis would walk through that door. Liam cried out in pain, holding onto the wall as he managed to make it out the door of their apartment all the way to the flat next door. Liam was in agonising pain by then, beads of sweat dripping down his face as he knocked weakly on Niall’s door.

“Heey!” Niall greeted before seeing the state Liam was in. “Fuck! Oh my god Liam! Right erm..oh god lets get you to hospital!” Niall was freaking out majorly as he quickly rang 999, demanding an ambulance to hurry up because his pregnant mate was in too much pain.

“It’s alright Li, it’ll be fine” Niall tried to assure him as he stroked Liam’s hair.

“L-Louis. I need Louis” Liam panted.

Niall nodded and quickly rang Louis, telling him to meet them at the hospital.


“Li? Liam!” Louis shouted, getting a few dirty looks of nurses as he embraced Liam who was laying in the hospital bed. Liam turned around to face Louis, his eyes all puffy and bloodshot as fat tears rolled down his cheeks.

“No no no no. Please don’t say it…” Louis cried, putting his shaking hands to his mouth.

“Mr Payne?” Liam was about to say something when he was interrupted by that voice. Both Liam and Louis swivelled their heads round to see a plump doctor standing in the doorway.

“I’m so sorry Mr Payne, due to difficulties in your womb, you can’t have any more children”

Both Liam and Louis broke down, cuddling each other all night hoping that it was all a nightmare ad they would wake up with still a healthy baby waiting to be born.

Except it was reality…


“This has been the best birthday ever” Louis sighed, cuddling into Liam.

“ I still have another surprise for you yet!” Liam chuckled, making Louis frown and sit back up.

“You’ve already gave me loads of stuff Li” Louis shook his head, smiling.

“Yeah well…I didn’t have to pay for this one. You may have been wondering why I didn’t come swimming with you the other day or I’ve been wearing baggy clothes or not drinking even though I have two kidneys now” Liam started. Louis had been wondering, so much. The Doncaster lad had been so worried about him.

“Well…I suppose it would just be easier to show you…” Liam grinned, lifting his baggy Christmas jumper up to reveal a slight bump on his tummy. “I’m pregnant Lou” Liam really wished he had a camera on him, Louis had a face like you see on the cartoons. With his eyes wide and his smile really couldn’t get any bigger. Not to mention the tears glistening in his eyes.

“I-I thought we couldn’t have any more?” Louis whispered, putting his hand gently on Liam’s stomach.

Liam shrugged “I suppose it was fate for us to be daddies”

Louis laughed before kissing Liam’s tummy and obviously Liam himself.

“Best birthday surprise ever” He mumbled against Liam’s lips.

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